Pricing & Availability

Information on price and availability is subject to change without notice. You will always be provided with current prices at the time you place your order.

What taxes are included in the price?

As a national retailer with physical retail stores nationwide, XLimitz is required to charge VAT (Value Added Taxes) on orders shipped to states where we have a physical presence, which includes distribution centres, operating stores and/or new stores under construction.

In states in which XLimitz does not have a physical presence, we may be required to charge VAT on orders shipped if required to do so under state and/or local tax laws.

The product I want to purchase is labelled "Available for Backorder". Can you inform me when it is available?

If the product is showing as "Available for Backorder", that means the product is currently "Out of Stock" and will be expected to be in stock soon. You can fill in the required details and follow the prompts, if you would like us to notify you when the product is back in stock. Once the product is back in stock, you will receive a notification mail informing the same.

Will I be billed for an item in my order that is in Backorder or Temporarily out of stock?

No, you will be billed only once you are able to purchase the product/s by placing an order. If the product is showing "Available for Backorder", then you will not be able to place an order for the same, until you receive an email from XLimitz Adventure World stating the product is back in stock.

Do I have to pay any charges after the product has been delivered to my place?

When you place an order on our website, the Total amount of the order is inclusive of Taxes and Shipping (if any). If there are any local taxes that are applicable in your city / area, then those will have to be borne by the customer. Only in the case of "Cash on Delivery", you have to pay the total amount as per the order that you have placed.

The product is showing "Discontinued" what does it mean?

Unfortunately, the product is not expected to be available anytime soon or anytime in the future. If it does come in stock again, then the product will be available for purchase on the website.

Do you provide any great deal or discount on any product?

Yes, we do provide discounts on some products just for our customers. To make the most out of it, all discounted products can be seen in the "Hot Deals" section at the home page top section OR you can simply click on the

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